Lounging [verb]

Definition of Lounging:

lie about, waste time

Synonyms of Lounging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lounging:

Sentence/Example of Lounging:

Aristide washed and powdered Jean himself, the landlord lounging by, pipe in mouth, administering suggestions.

He was lounging on his sofa by the window, his eyes closed, while these thoughts flashed through him.

Beneath the portico, numbers of servants and retainers were lounging about, enjoying the fresco.

Even the Chinese shrimp-pickers were lounging on the beach before their little shack village.

Avoid lounging attitudes, they are indelicate, except in your own private apartment.

The girls sauntered along, 16 regarding the stores and one of two lounging cowboys with interest.

He was wearing a long collared silk shirt and an expensive cravat and an expensive silk lounging robe.

She found a livery-stable, and asked the proprietor, lounging in the entrance, if he could send her to the foot of her bluff.

While these two women had been talking and thinking, a lazy Indian servant had been lounging up the stairway.

Teachers should prevent lounging positions at desks, especially stooping.