Lout [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lout:

She had called Tim a lout, and kept him after school several times when his mother needed him.

Trust Henri then for being a lout, a simple fellow who spoke only Flemish—but could hear in many tongues.

"Well, this Loron lout finally got me," said Davy, resuming the thread of his life story.

And, whenever you see a Dub kidding a Lout, you can be assured that the dub is trying to lift himself above a similar rating.

The native in Trinidad is bright and quick; he is not like his big lazy lout of a brother down in our Southland.

He got up and marched into the outer office where his office nurse sat at a typewriter, making lout bills.

A strange matter to discuss with a lout, but he was so wonderful a listener!

She couldn't possibly prefer a lout like her current escort to good old Bill Forrester, could she?

Why, every lout within ten miles square, if he's got fifteen dollars, holds his opinion above mine.

It was clear from one look at the lout that no one, anywhere, for any reason, would miss Alvin if he were exploded into dust.