Loved [adjective]

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George Winters, executive director of Tall Oaks, said the promotion was aimed at “those people who are kind of on the fence or held off on moving their loved one” to an assisted-living facility because of the pandemic.

Even after your loved one’s death, you couldn’t lean close to a friend or relative for comfort.

If your loved one has enjoyed Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and other incredibly hard games, this is the one to get.

Your loved one can address all their needs with just five simple tools.

I was an Innkeeper, who loved to carouse; J was a Joiner, and built up a house.

And she fell to scolding him in the way he usually loved,—but at the moment found less stimulating for some reason.

In both cases the decision was made at a feast, and in favour of the one who “loved much.”

To know, to love, and to be loved by such a man as Burne-Jones was a supreme blessing in his life.

She was thrusting herself upon Lord Hartledon, knowing that in his true heart it was another that he loved, not her.

Yes, Georgie loved the man, and looked up at him with wistful, trusting eyes.