Loveless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Loveless:

After the cold, formal, loveless life at her aunt's, she appreciated her own humble home more than ever before.

Witness his conception, in The Broken Heart, of a loveless marriage as tantamount to adultery.

They say such thoughts are sinful, but annihilation is preferable to an aimless, loveless existence.

There he lived a loveless and solitary life, in a house whose only partitions were chalk lines across the floor.

But of this be sure, that no selfish, loveless egoist could have had and retained such friends.

Where the girl's dreams had proved illusions, she beheld in a title and luxuries, in a loveless marriage.

The seeming loveless weather that hung over the earth and filled the air, was in joyless harmony with his feelings.

Loveless thought himself at liberty to change names without Act of Parliament.

Loveless marriage was reprobated by Tennyson, and Mr. Hughes goes into ecstacies over the tremendous fact.

The Master said, Loveless men cannot bear need long, they cannot bear fortune long.