Loveliest [adjective]

Definition of Loveliest:

beautiful, charming; agreeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Loveliest:

Sentence/Example of Loveliest:

I often visit the Tarnovskys, whose niece is the loveliest girl I ever saw in my life.

Your old homestead is the loveliest place around, with its deep eaves and dormer-windows and vines.

I think it one of the loveliest spots I ever beheld, commanding beautiful views every way.

If Jim had planned on showing them the loveliest scenery, he was running true to plan.

It is the loveliest climate in the world, our political troubles seem near an end.

I think Sunbridge is the loveliest name in the world—for a town, I mean, of course.

Our hotel was out in the Thiergarten, the loveliest part of Berlin, and was cool even in summer weather.

They send their surrender by one who is obviously the loveliest jewel of their misguided world.

Oh, it was so good and kind in you to invite us all to spend the winter in this loveliest of lovely places!

“This is the loveliest story of all,” exclaimed Grace, who loves her own old father dearly.