Lover [noun]

Definition of Lover:

person having sexual relationship

Synonyms of Lover:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lover:





Sentence/Example of Lover:

Every pizza lover knows that the final step in getting a great pie is the shape of the slice.

Even so, Yvonne gets to hobnob with Audrey Hepburn while buying dresses at Givenchy, chat with actresses in Truffaut movies at parties and have male and female lovers.

We think brining new work to music lovers is the most important thing we can be doing this fall.

Replika wants to know about your feelings, your lover, your mother, the fight you had with your daughter.

The pictures of flowers which this artist paints prove her to be a devoted lover of nature.

Felipe watched over her as a lover might; her great mournful eyes followed his every motion.

Gordon, however, had never been a lover, and if Bernard noted Angela's gravity it was not because he felt jealous.

It is a further refinement when the staunch little lover of liberty sets about "easing" the pressure of commands.

Several times during dinner I glanced at Ethne, but it was easy to see that all her attention was taken up by her lover.

It is the custom among these people for the lover to give his bride as fine a present as her parents think suitable.