Lovesick [adjective]

Definition of Lovesick:


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Sentence/Example of Lovesick:

She was no lovesick maid, but a woman of strong, clear perceptions.

I suppose you despise us as a couple of lovesick girls, Sarah?

The tiger, however, was so lovesick that no argument had weight with him.

Philip's coffin, it will be remembered, was carried about by his lovesick widow till she had to be parted from it by force.

The very feet of the capable woman had changed into the shrinking and timid feet of a lovesick girl.

She reminded you of Bunthorne's injunction to the twenty lovesick maidens—she made you think of faint lilies.

"Perhaps she will when she knows you better," he added, wishing to comfort the poor lovesick soldier.

Poor One-and-Nine was more lovesick than ever when he beheld her, and scarcely noticed the beautiful decorations in the streets.

And he sithed, "You are very beautiful," and he sithed agin, a sort of a deceitful lovesick sithe.

A man with less sense would have kicked the lovesick swain into the street.