Lowborn [adjective]

Definition of Lowborn:

living in, coming from poor circumstances

Synonyms of Lowborn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lowborn:

Sentence/Example of Lowborn:

"I am a lowborn, miserable villain," declared the Chief Steward, humbly.

The churl should not have the same wergeld as the thane because he is lowborn.

She would rather slay that lowborn artisan with her own hand than know that he had the right to claim her as his mother-in-law.

Should he be more cowardly, baser, weaker than the lowborn and wretched?

The villain is a villain because he is the son of a lowborn and base stonemason.

It is only for the lowborn virgin to be taught it by some highborn youth.

The grace of her attitude, and the easy decision of her whole manner, assured him that she was not lowborn.

And you, you lowborn Tzigane, are the cheapest swindler on earth.

She believed that she would be a bad mother to the offspring of the lowborn lover whom she hated more than ever.

People may smile at my feeling so sad and concerned about a servant, a common, lowborn page-boy.