Lowering [adjective]

Definition of Lowering:


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Sentence/Example of Lowering:

The lowering of rent will allow the restaurant to remain open through the end of the year.

“The British Raj is doomed,” she muttered, lowering her voice, and bringing her magnificent eyes close to his.

The horizon, however, was lowering and hazy, and the sun had not force enough to tear the murky veil asunder.

Lowering her voice, and casting a timid glance around, she whispered in his ear, as if afraid of speaking it out.

But what means this sudden lowering of the heavens, and that dark cloud arising from beneath the western horizon?

It was a debasing, lowering occurrence, and he felt sure that it could hardly have taken place in his servants' hall.

She finished amid much applause, some shamefaced, some hearty, but there were a number of lowering brows.

Do you know, bending forward and lowering his tone, that she is more than half inclined to throw him over?

Do you think, lowering her voice and speaking more slowly, that He ever deceives any body?

His eyes, under his lowering brows, looked up at Jane's, gathering from them her judgment of Owen Prothero.