Lowermost [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lowermost:

He was shot by a man of the 32d, and his body formed the lowermost layer of a causeway of corpses that soon choked the ditch.

The lowermost skeleton is almost entire, and in a good state of preservation, and is put up by means of wires, on the walls.

In the lowermost one of these men first came to know of their existence.

Stations C-5 and E-2 were the lowermost environments in which this redhorse was taken.

The first combs that a hive forms are the smallest, and much neater than the last or lowermost.

His vest was unbuttoned, all except the two lowermost buttons, and the sleeves of his coat were turned back neatly off his wrists.

The lowermost layer reaches a height of about 10 meters; in many places in the forest this layer is absent.

The greenish light beat full on the sunken doorway, so that only the lowermost steps remained in shadow.

There are three caveæ—the lowermost, the middle, and the upper ones.

The lowermost figure is that of a dying boy-soldier, with one hand pressed to his breast and the other holding fast to his musket.