Lowers [adjective]

Definition of Lowers:

under, inferior

Synonyms of Lowers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lowers:

Sentence/Example of Lowers:

A lower court had put the execution on hold, and Alabama asked the Supreme Court to step in.

The gas pumps that allow you to raise and lower your chair are fairly complex instruments, but the best desk chairs will have a smooth operation for a longer time.

Balance ball chairs are great for lower back pain and improving postureBalance ball chairs are a great option for those looking to get a health boost throughout the workday.

Using a lower broiler setting will still give dishes a lovely crust, but it will happen slower, and you won’t have to hover quite so anxiously by the stove.

Versatile heat settings also let you keep your overall thermostat lower, which is better for saving money, better for the earth, and often better for your sinuses.

One final difference in pediatric studies is the potential for lower doses.

Metro is also paying for an expensive platform reconstruction project the transit agency accelerated last year because of lower ridership during the pandemic.

Burly but nimble, which lowers the chances of spearing a toe with a shovel tip, these can be hosed off and thrown in the garage when you’re done.

Even the slightest deviation can lower your chances of appearing in the Google 3-Pack.

Last March, the streamer lowered its annual subscription price by 40% to attract people who were holed up at home.