Lowest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lowest:

And lifting them carefully one off the other, he took out a deal box that had stood in the lowest stratum.

I cannot call that peculiarly manly, which are the peculiar pursuits of the lowest of our species.

He was a weaver in the lowest circumstances, who raised himself to distinction by close application to science.

Although bordering on the lowest state of destitution—and that is a remarkably low state in London!

"Long bright leaf" is considered the finest, while that known as "Luga" is the poorest and lowest grade of leaf.

The royal family, imprisoned in the Tuileries, were each day drinking of the cup of humiliation to its lowest dregs.

They are voluntarily alone in the universe, at war with all God's creatures, and lowest among them.

As Braunitsch had put it so succinctly, "Even the lowest worm can procreate itself—unfortunately."

The most ancient and lowest stratum of this igneous formation is a compact conglomerate known as tufa lithoide.

Even the lowest toned remark will disturb a real lover of music, and these will be near you on all sides.