Lowlands [noun]

Definition of Lowlands:

hollow in the land

Synonyms of Lowlands:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lowlands:


Sentence/Example of Lowlands:

With all the fiery enthusiasm of the Gael, he possessed to an unusual degree the caution of the Lowland Scot.

A plateau is defined as a high lowland; therefore, this section is higher in elevation than the Coastal Plain region.

The edge of the lowland forest where the bison wintered could be seen far away.

The strange clan always used it on their way to and from the lowland plains.

I was far from being a native of these parts, springing, as I did, from an unmixed lowland stock.

Scotland awoke to song, and the charm of Lowland Scots was recognised even by Pope and the wits of the coffee-houses.

In the south-west there is a fairly extensive lowland in south Devonshire watered by the Exe in its lower course.

Donald Cameron farmed his land in the careful fashion of the Lowland Scots.

He had not yet grasped the essential differences between highland and lowland etiquette.

Mountain sheep are cleaned by being forced to swim across a pool, but the finer or lowland breeds are washed entirely by the hand.