Lows [noun]

Definition of Lows:

decline, failure

Synonyms of Lows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lows:

Sentence/Example of Lows:

She 'lows he's got some scheme or other, 'at ain't no good to your folks, a-lettin' good money on a wore-out farm like Skyrie.

There's them that 'lows Jim knows a heap more 'bout old man Dewey's cave than he lets on; his place bein' so nigh.

There's them that 'lows there's things in this here Holler t' be afeared of, an' I reckon hit's so.

The lightning lows like a cow, it follows as a mother follows after her young, when the shower of the Maruts has been let loose.

They aims ter send ther signal ahead with fox horns, an' ther Deacon 'lows ter look atter Newty when he gits ter town.

Aunt Mary lows she aint long fer this here world but I knows she is still got the strenth tow make other colord folks work.

"Young Miss 'lows dese yere's yappul-trees," Pablo said to Raquel, with a fine scorn, as he dug objectingly round their roots.

They call it Lowlane now, the folks that own the house, but it was never anything but Lows Lane till they came there.

They turned as they had been told, and went down it, in search of their second landmark, Lows Lane.

The Lows, especially Mrs. Low, had refused to believe that any success was within his reach.