Loyalist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Loyalist:

As TV networks like Discovery and NBCUniversal stand up standalone streaming services, pay-TV loyalists may reconsider their subscriptions.

Sales have fallen for four straight years as it struggled to win back longtime loyalists who have since gravitated to big box chains such as Target and Costco to outfit their families.

Musk owns some 20% of Tesla’s shares, and the company’s board is stacked with loyalists.

Jackson was also known for packing postal service leadership with his hand-picked loyalists.

The loyalist forces now scoured the insurgent districts, and it was found impossible to prevent many excesses from taking place.

The jailer, a loyalist, retained his position as a civil detail, thus protecting himself and sons from conscription.

Burgoyne fell into the error, common throughout the war, of trusting too much to loyalist help.

Throughout the terrible events of 1789 Mirabeau was consistent as a loyalist and as a patriot.

The medicine was a great loss: there was no more within reach for rebel or loyalist.

He was a zealous loyalist, and ejected from his living in 1642, his house plundered, and he imprisoned in the Tower.