Loyalists [noun]

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The loyalists, however, included men of various religious persuasions and of different shades of political opinion.

Through the skilful management of this minority the loyalists were disarmed everywhere at the beginning of the struggle.

The loyalists of New York had been shamefully treated by the dominant faction, and the British were received with joy.

The Jersey loyalists were left to the vengeance of their neighbours and were mercilessly plundered.

A large number of loyalists were now leaving the States and settling in Nova Scotia.

Flat-bottomed boats, specially built or purchased for the purpose by the Loyalists, were used in this journey.

In the end some fifty or sixty thousand Loyalists abandoned their homes or suffered expulsion rather than submit to the new order.

This decision bore heavily upon thousands of "late Loyalists" and more recent incomers.

But I thought old Mr. Carvel to be one of the warmest loyalists in the colonies.

There was much haggling over the loyalists, the fisheries, debts; but the boundaries were quickly drawn.