Lubricates [verb]

Definition of Lubricates:

make slippery

Synonyms of Lubricates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lubricates:


Sentence/Example of Lubricates:

This oil was used to lubricate the anemometer and other instruments exposed outside.

Lubricate the embossed cams in the cam housing with a thin film of vaseline every fifty hours of actual running.

Lubricate the stopper and insert it in the mouth of the jar, with the handle in a line with the two side tubes.

When the pressure on the pin or any bearing is over 800 pounds per square inch, oil is no longer able to lubricate it properly.

The next operation after moulding the bullets is to lubricate them.

The auxiliary oilers would have to be used to lubricate the cylinders.

He would take a barrel of soft soap and a broom and lubricate the whole street.

The wooden boxes were filled with soft plaster while Rick coated the Egyptian cat with oil used to lubricate the antenna bearings.

Lubricate the lead sealing nuts with graphite that has been mixed to a paste with water.

Certainly in the case of milk being taken into the stomach, saliva is not needed to lubricate it.