Lubrication [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lubrication:

Zerk fittings facilitate easy lubrication of those bushings.

The only oil which is used to any extent in gas-engine lubrication that is not of mineral derivation is castor oil.

The oils used for cylinder lubrication are obtained almost exclusively from crude petroleum derived from American wells.

With this arrangement positive lubrication is entirely independent of engine position.

The brake is watched carefully, lest irregularity of lubrication should cause oscillation of speed with the changing resistance.

But this is only a small portion of the difficulties that must be overcome in cylinder lubrication.

The purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction between the two surfaces in contact.

Concluding that lubrication was necessary, he leaned over and licked it, acquiring a strong brass taste upon his tongue.

The .22-caliber Winchester is a cartridge with inside lubrication.

He adjusted the automatic oiler on the cylinders to give more lubrication, as he intended to get more speed out of his engine.