Lucidity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lucidity:

The strange lucidity of the somnambulist still hung over her brain and mind, though outwardly she appeared troubled and confused.

They looked through him, as if they saw with a lucidity even more unendurable than his, what was going on in Tanqueray's soul.

And he pursued his thought with the tenacity of the drunkard, who concentrates upon one idea all the lucidity of mind left to him.

From his corner of the fireside lounge, where he seated himself beside her, his eyes regarded her with a grave and dark lucidity.

Most people would have termed this poetic rapture passing into lucidity, but our friend avers that it is the Enemy.

There is no vestige of pose, nothing superfluous; everywhere simplicity, compression, lucidity.

Then with cold lucidity, he mapped out his plan of campaign.

A mysterious lucidity of mind results, which converts the student into the seer, and the poet into a prophet.

Let us first, if we attach any importance to lucidity, come to an understanding about the word "vulnerable."

He had practised lucidity all his life, had expected it of others and had never given his assent to an indistinct proposition.