Lucidly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Lucidly:

Then one night, during a rare lucid moment, he asked his son to help him sit up.

He argued the matter during two hours, and no doubt lucidly and forcibly.

I told him, lucidly as possible, everything I have related in these pages, and the admission of Griggs.

Then, as if by a sudden jump, his power of thinking lucidly came back, and he looked round for the officer he had tried to help.

And he explained carefully and lucidly enough—though through occasional yawns—what had happened between Garstin and himself.

During all this time he seemed cheerful, and spoke quite lucidly on various topics.

The logicians lucidly describe definition as being per genus et differentiam.

My objections to the view so lucidly explained in the passage just quoted, fall under two heads.

"Tellin' th' poor dubs th' stock was goin' down with one hand an' buyin' it in with th' other," said the janitor, lucidly.

Aside from its great theme lucidly discussed the book deserves to be upon every library table as a superb specimen of bookmaking.