Luckiest [adjective]

Definition of Luckiest:

fortunate, opportune

Opposite/Antonyms of Luckiest:

Sentence/Example of Luckiest:

The same man answered: Luckiest for him was it that he gave King Svein his life.

You are the luckiest of men in having successfully managed to escape from this first dangerous pass in conjugal life.

It is, however, the luckiest event that could befall this country, for all may now be recovered.

When I remember it all, I think I'm the luckiest fellow in the world.

Unluckier Household, which once seemed the luckiest of the world, was never known.

Others besides myself became enormously rich that summer, but I was one of the luckiest.

I feel my old self again—the luckiest fellow alive—engaged to the sweetest girl!

Luckiest thing ever you managed to get the Big Boss to send us such a bully contrivance that seems to work jest great.

I have always been the luckiest of human beings; no matter what ill-chances to-day, good turns up to-morrow.

By the luckiest chance upon earth, I heard of it not five minutes before I was to set out.