Luckily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Luckily:

Valentine’s day is around the corner and luckily, there is still enough time to grab the perfect gift.

While beanies are great, they don’t necessarily come with much flair, trapper hats will keep you warm but come primarily in muted colors, luckily there are a few options remaining.

Just days after my piece about the burgeoning science behind beach cliff collapses, a giant piece of Torrey Pines State Beach fell but luckily struck no one.

Beth Kowitt, senior writerAmong the most luckily timed book releases ever, this exposé of the widespread under-ventilation and pollution inside modern buildings arrived just as shared indoor space became truly deadly.

There’s a lot to consider, but luckily for us, we can learn from the successes and failures of others.

And Joan, luckily, had not observed him, her head being bowed and her eyes tightly closed while her father prayed.

Luckily, only a small portion fell upon my hands, so that the accident was not a very serious one.

A pure toss up whether he pulls round or not; luckily he has a frame of iron.

I still continued to suffer, until I luckily thought of using salt-water baths.

Luckily he had the advantage of Berthier, a staff officer of the highest order, Napoleon's future chief of the staff.