Lucre [noun]

Definition of Lucre:

money, profits

Synonyms of Lucre:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lucre:





Sentence/Example of Lucre:

It was for no lucre of gain I took you and your swash-buckler, your Don Diego yonder, under my poor roof.

Let us no longer cheat our consciences by talking of filthy lucre.

Who made unfair use of government information to speculate in the funds for the sake of "filthy lucre?"

We are less lucky in that respect; we have to cast our pearls before swine too often, and all for the sake of filthy lucre.'

Had not another of the selected twelve betrayed for paltry lucre?

Into their calculations, ideas of lucre did not enter, money had no value.

When Henley was once accused that he did all for lucre, he retorted that some do nothing for it.

It is not my custom to admit people into my house for the sake of lucre.

You are all after the filthy lucre, wantin' to live on other folks.'

Donning a bright smile the Babe approaches the farmer and presses the lucre into his honest palm.