Ludicrous [adjective]

Definition of Ludicrous:

absurd, ridiculous

Synonyms of Ludicrous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ludicrous:

Sentence/Example of Ludicrous:

Snyder fired Schottenheimer after that single season in Washington, despite the late-season turnaround, a decision made to appear even worse by the ludicrous Steve Spurrier era that followed.

And the girl, scarce believing her good fortune, departed with a speed that bordered on the ludicrous.

Even the simplest services are performed with an almost ludicrous waste of energy.

I met with a ludicrous instance of the dissipation of even latter days, a few months after my marriage.

In fact, to hear Skipper Worse utter the word Romarino was one of the most ludicrous things imaginable.

Mollock's discharge by the magistrate put the Chief in a very ludicrous position.

She ran toward them, stumbling in a ludicrous fashion amidst the boulders, and then stopped a few yards away and gazed at Ida.

It is a sad pity that such ludicrous associations should centre round the word “pluck.”

At the same time, anything more ludicrous than the manner in which they indulged their predatory tastes can scarcely be imagined.

The Factor filled the interval by relating a ludicrous anecdote for his companion's benefit, and chopping a pipeful of plug.