Ludicrously [adjective]

Definition of Ludicrously:

wildly, fiercely

Opposite/Antonyms of Ludicrously:

Sentence/Example of Ludicrously:

It is often easy to laugh off the ludicrous stories promoted by QAnon, from Pizzagate to performance artist Marina Abramović being a child-eating Satanist.

While the Plaid—which draws its name from the 1988 Mel Brooks comedy, Spaceballs—promises ludicrous acceleration, the Long Range model will squeeze more mileage out of each charge.

It seemed like a ludicrous proposition for our 21st-century lives—“My kids don’t do anything for four hours,” Yurich said.

After seven years of perplexed doctors and ludicrous copays and tests, my wife and I had gone to an informational meeting for California’s Foster-to-Adopt program.

Over the summer, a number of obviously ludicrous assertions were being made about antifa plotting horrible acts against rural towns, suburban areas or cities.

She thought of this, she faced it; the soul of her condemned it as a fate almost ludicrously unsuited to her.

Used ludicrously to mean a feat of horsemanship in l. 50 of the Manciple's Prologue.

But his look of indignant surprise was so ludicrously human that none of us could help laughing.

And he swelled his lean body and strutted, ludicrously martial.

This calm announcement of a fact also struck Miss Lawrence ludicrously, but she managed to preserve a grave countenance.