Ludicrousness [noun]

Definition of Ludicrousness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ludicrousness:


Sentence/Example of Ludicrousness:

For a moment the stranger's face relaxed into a broad smile at the ludicrousness of the situation.

But a sudden sense of the ludicrousness of wasting so much eagerness on a hat and a sudden lurch of the ship checked him.

I believe under Providence, that the ludicrousness of this attack saved us from being bayonetted on the spot.

And the deluded matron will buy the wrap, not even suspecting the pitiful ludicrousness of the situation.

The ludicrousness of this illustration may well be imagined.

Mrs. Thornton had quite enough of natural humour to make her feel the ludicrousness of the position in which she was left.

"That's right hopeful," observed the man, with a plainly intentional, dry ludicrousness.

The ludicrousness of the expression completely neutralized the pathos of his opponents.

She looked, though so lovely, also so conspicuous that there was a certain ludicrousness in her appearance.

The fantastic proposal was made with an air of dignity that robbed it of any inherent ludicrousness.