Lulling [verb]

Definition of Lulling:

calm, ease off

Synonyms of Lulling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lulling:

Sentence/Example of Lulling:

After a lull in the action tonight, we could see a part two of the storm Monday into Tuesday with additional accumulation, but that remains a trickier part of the forecast.

A friend of Smedler and James’s, who is a faculty member at a local nursing school, called James on Friday and said to come over right away to get a shot of her own because there was a lull in vaccinating the students.

The shopkeeper and his wife, drawn two ways by pity and self-interest, began by lulling their consciences with words.

Here he would watch "the beautiful calm-lulling lake, the beautiful, solemn, hopeful-death-teaching sunsets."

His discourse was also full of extravagant compliments, I suppose for the purpose of lulling me to sleep.

The morning which followed was that of a warm, lulling, luxuriant June day, whose high tides of life spread to everything.

Then ensued a moment's breathless hush, even the cries of those in agony lulling.

She opened her breast, pressed her son to her body, and pursued by fear walked down the street, quietly lulling the baby.

What they really meant was, that they had taken Mr. Holmes in hand for the purpose of lulling the just suspicions of the police.

It was a lulling sound which rocked his thoughts to sleep, calming his emotion—an emotion made up of hope and of fear.