Lumbered [verb]

Definition of Lumbered:

walk heavily, clumsily

Synonyms of Lumbered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lumbered:

Sentence/Example of Lumbered:

That was nicer, maybe, when uncertainty didn’t lumber so heavily through our days.

The driver steered the truck to a lumber yard at the junction of Camarones and Norte 73 streets in the northwest of Mexico City.

The lumber was then transported to a factory or wood shop where it was cut, shaped, and fastened together.

Smith is the highlight, the wisp of a wide receiver and Heisman winner who the Buckeyes found so confounding to cover they ran everyone from elite cornerbacks to, um, lumbering middle linebackers at him, all to no avail.

If free-associating collages are the equivalent of random Web-surfing, the tidiness of the compositions is offset by surrounding them with found objects, blocks of lumber and strands of beads.

With prices also climbing for some inputs such as copper and lumber, inflation could very well reach or surpass the Federal Reserve’s 2% target in some months.

Plus, they are buying lots of goods — refrigerators, dishwashers, cars, lumber, patio furniture.

The carriage turned about, and with Richard following lumbered back across the bridge and through the town to Lupton House.

He lumbered off and shortly returned with a counterpart of himself.

A 'bus lumbered sleepily over the bridge with three straining horses.