Lumberman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lumberman:

He had been fumbling in his pack, and now produced a pair of thick woollen lumberman's socks.

Then you will wish to save them from fire and the lumberman's axe, especially the rare and old sequoias.

Garry's father, known to the backwoodsmen as "Moose" Boone, is a wealthy lumberman.

Passing the ridge, we now came into a section of the forest which had never been visited by the lumberman's axe.

The second team was led by a tall, gaunt-jawed, one-eyed lumberman named Jim Johnson, but invariably known as “Walley.”

Such a task is the most perilous that a lumberman, 135 in all his daring career, can be called upon to perform.

I got twenty boys off my drive on the way to give you a boost, the old lumberman continued.

Ive been thinking, Joe, said the old lumberman, quite a bit about my business lately.

Having assumed to be a mountain lumberman, he had consistently talked as one—acted as one.

His left arm, as if badly injured, was done up in a sling improvised from a lumberman's heavy scarf.