Luminaries [noun]

Definition of Luminaries:

very important person

Synonyms of Luminaries:

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Sentence/Example of Luminaries:

As this adulation advanced into an established worship, the compliment was reversed by calling planets or luminaries after heroes.

New dramatic luminaries shot into his sphere, some of them too wildly to suit his Victorian tastes.

The ancient times seemed to have come again, when these pictures were approached with genuflexions, luminaries, and incense.

The sun, the moon and all the luminaries with the planets resort to this river, alternately by day and by night.

Both these luminaries seem larger at the horizon than they are at the zenith.

With the exception of a few small carbide lamps attached to tent-posts, those lanterns were the only luminaries in camp.

In so inferior a sphere did he begin to move who is now become one of the brightest luminaries of the theatrical hemisphere.

I've always likened your feet unto the disks of two luminaries, lighting the way for all the world to follow.

These were the chief literary luminaries of this time: and they all helped to pull down the fabric of the old society.

Under that vestibule pass and repass the literary luminaries of modern France.