Luminary [noun]

Definition of Luminary:

very important person

Synonyms of Luminary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Luminary:


Sentence/Example of Luminary:

Show up for a full-moon night ski, when the trails are lined with candle-lit luminary bags, or opt for the free learn-to-ski days, where volunteers teach lessons and local ski shops hand out courtesy rentals.

Beall’s brother, a GOP senator from Maryland, along with Republican National Committee Chairman George Bush and other GOP luminaries, applied subtle pressure on the Justice Department to soft-pedal the investigation.

We wondered that too, and we asked the luminaries in tech how they were passing the hours.

I have traveled the world, helped build a conference business, written two books, dived deep into topics far beyond commerce, and interviewed more CEOs and other luminaries than I can remember.

Facebook’s oversight board has legal and human rights luminaries who are able to review and overturn some of the platform’s decisions.

By the light of this subterranean luminary they discovered that they were standing at the foot of an ancient castle.

I understand that the legal luminary of that reform set in San Francisco has offered to take you into his office.

They lifted their eyes a moment from the ground, and cast a fretful look at the great, tranquil luminary.

Their reasoning is based upon the assertion, that those who live in darkness, and like it, need not be told about a luminary.

"Then I should say that for a luminary of science your light is very limited," returned Hermione.