Luminescence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Luminescence:

It glowed in the room with a pearly luminescence, and she saw the man's eyes turning to it, drawn as if by magic.

The luminescence died; there was no longer light enough to penetrate to his helmet's darkened goggles.

His left hand fell upon Assha's shoulder, turning the man half around as Ross, too, stepped upon the patch of luminescence.

Then, swiftly as it had come, it was gone, and only a small globe of white luminescence floated above the great hulking machine.

Hungrily the Earth man stared at his distant flash pistols, plainly visible in the luminescence of their fungus bedding.

Luminescence: applied to the light of fire-flies, as a substitute for phosphorescence.

Like a glow of fire dimly seen beneath a thin coat of ashes, a mellow luminescence permeated the panoramic view.

Here and there a wave-tip frothed, and blue luminescence appeared.

The luminescence that clothed Norhala brightened, deepening the darkness.

It was as though a door had opened into some world of luminescence.