Lumpish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lumpish:

He was called a good fellow,only a little lumpish,and as he was brave and faithful, he rose in time to be a shipmaster.

The boys cast glance because it relieved their heaviness; things were lumpish and gloomy that day of the week.

After he had finished, I lay across the sloping cellar door, lumpish and still, inwardly a shaking jelly of horror.

The great lumpish-looking heads and square-cut faces of the creatures looked frightful at this point in the fight.

It may be they will be as good as a pair of spurs to prick on thy lumpish heart in this rich journey.

It seemed like some lumpish berg guarding an arctic, locked-up bay where ships lay dead.

Done in brute silence, with a lumpish look and a clumsy gait, the work was perfectly well done nevertheless.

Water-wheels, investors, steam-engines—and the lumpish lad all in a glow, talking away nineteen to the dozen.

But Enid was somehow languid, listless, even lumpish, and Mrs. Thompson did nearly all the looking and talking.

There is Daddy, a lumpish person with some gift for playing Indian games when he is in the mood.