Luncheon [noun]

Definition of Luncheon:

food, often taken by several individuals

Synonyms of Luncheon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Luncheon:


Sentence/Example of Luncheon:

The traditional inaugural luncheon has been canceled, and the parade on Pennsylvania Avenue will be a virtual “Parade Across America” to avoid crowds.

Under her bed, she stored the plaques from various luncheons that had celebrated her civic advocacy.

This is a partial 2015 quote from a luncheon at the State Department during one of the strategic dialogues.

She shook hands approvingly with the young American and asked her to come over informally to luncheon on the morrow.

The two older girls ate very little of the luncheon they had brought.

But there was no Agnes to bring the luncheon now, and Jean Baptiste lived in the memory of what had once been.

In this satchel carry also some crackers, or sandwiches, if you will be long enough upon the road to need a luncheon.

However, somewhat to the rear there was a comfortable coffee room, where our luncheon was neatly served.

The second phase was the dangerous one for Rita, and during a certain luncheon at Romanos her fate hung in the balance.

You say that Mr. Fetherston met the young lady outside after luncheon, and they had an argument in secret, eh?