Lunchroom [noun]

Definition of Lunchroom:

business establishment serving food and drink

Opposite/Antonyms of Lunchroom:


Sentence/Example of Lunchroom:

When kids do need to go indoors, she adds, the school has converted one big room into a giant lunchroom where everyone can eat six feet apart.

He waited until Graham had joined the office force in the mill lunchroom, and invented an errand back to Graham's office.

Then he shook himself and ran lightly to a little lunchroom on Amsterdam Avenue, where he enjoyed doughnuts and iced tea.

I told you about the little lunchroom where the readers from the library get their noonday feed.

They left the base lunchroom in silence, Bridget pouting a lip-edge more than Grant.

I can't remember who ate in the lunchroom, I mean the domino room, with me.

And I see that there appears to be on the second floor diagram, a room marked lunchroom.

I saw the officer almost directly in the doorway of the lunchroom facing Lee Harvey Oswald.

He was at the front of the lunchroom, not very far inside—he was just inside the lunchroom door.

I believe we have some additional pictures of the lunchroom.