Lunette [noun]

Definition of Lunette:

framework with pane

Synonyms of Lunette:

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Sentence/Example of Lunette:

Garland's brigade, advancing between the citadel and the first lunette, reached the city with heavy loss.

An attempt Assault of Monterey on the second lunette failed with heavy loss to the Americans.

The situation of the chapel prompted us to look over the ground for traces of a lunette bastion on the counterscarp.

The fresco in the lunette is by Michele di Ridolfo Ghirlandaio.

These soon silenced its guns, and the lunette was abandoned by the garrison.

The lunette (Fig. 46) has nearly the same defects as the redan.

They were not what are called "hunting watches," but had strong and very clear lunette glasses fixed in rims of substantial gold.

Enamelled terra cotta lunette, decorating tympanum of door of sacristy in the cathedral at Florence.

The keep is the essential part of the work, the rampart of the lunette serving to protect it from frontal artillery fire.

A lunette is a work with two faces, usually forming an obtuse angle, and two flanks.