Lung [noun]

Definition of Lung:

body part

Synonyms of Lung:

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Sentence/Example of Lung:

The heated blankets were used to keep patients’ bodies warm while their lungs breathed in the cold, fresh air.

The EPA considers particles this size to be a threat to human health because, once inhaled, they can get deep into the lungs.

He died in 1984 of lung cancer at age 56 — a cruel loss for readers and American literature.

Even if you still have some virus replicating, but it’s much lower levels or can’t get deep in your lungs, you would also predict that you would have less long-term complications.

We have these drugs called kinase inhibitors that target specific subsets of lung cancer.

She made the shift at the advice of her mother’s doctor — a double lung transplant has put her mother at a higher risk.

People started arriving at hospitals significantly sicker, lungs chewed up with disease.

She fractured her skull, ruptured her lungs and shattered her spine.

That’s when both of the heart’s ventricles—chambers near the bottom of the heart that pull in and push out blood between the lungs and the rest of the body—are too weak to carry out their function.

As it became clear Orellana Garcia’s lungs would not get better, his doctors applied to several medical centers for him to receive a lung transplant.