Lurch [verb]

Definition of Lurch:

move toward with jerk

Synonyms of Lurch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lurch:

Sentence/Example of Lurch:

She considered quitting, but didn’t want to leave her co-producer and other show staff members in the lurch.

In the latest episode of Groundhog Day, Congress failed to reach a deal on a stimulus package, leaving investors—not to mention millions of struggling American families—in the lurch.

When in doubt, go for the best air fryer with a higher capacity, so you’re not left in the lurch if you find yourself in need of quickly preparing a party-size batch of food.

There were weird lurches forward and back in the aid people got.

Besides the users, the ban also left more than 200,000 influencers in the lurch.

Then came the turn of the Manchesters, left in the lurch, with their right flank hanging in the air.

"Happier—and safer," she said gravely, the canoe giving a dangerous lurch as she leaned forward in her seat to catch my answer.

They had not pulled fifty yards from their late home when she gave a sudden lurch to port and went down stern foremost.

Now and then a lurch of the train flung her against Harney, and through her thin muslin she felt the touch of his sleeve.

He woke up in time to lurch after her and he got his shoulder into the door-opening before she could slide it shut.