Lurched [verb]

Definition of Lurched:

move toward with jerk

Synonyms of Lurched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lurched:

Sentence/Example of Lurched:

It’s shocking that parents are basically being completely left in the lurch by their government.

A new expressway threatens to bypass the town and leave livelihoods in the lurch.

He also does not see why teachers could not finish the quarter in January before leaving, and worries teachers will be seen as the bad guy leaving students in the lurch.

He lurched toward the front door of the shop, stopped half way there, clung to a counter for support.

In the narrow seat behind, Clip lurched, and swayed, and rattled the motor-cycles.

Matt took the cross-road on two wheels, and, half a minute later, lurched into the main thoroughfare in the same way.

Then he lurched in his saddle as from exhaustion or weariness, and straightened himself again with both hands on the bridle.

For a moment he swayed, then lurched forward, his head striking the iron railing, his body falling limp to the floor.

"Golly, but she's a gold dollar in a gold bank," remarked Jesse Bulrush warmly as he lurched into the street.

He came opposite, lurched almost on them, touched them with a groping hand and passed, grumbling.