Lurching [verb]

Definition of Lurching:

move toward with jerk

Synonyms of Lurching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lurching:

Sentence/Example of Lurching:

Gregory crawled and scrambled over the front of the lurching car and got into the driver's seat.

The Angel clung to the card and paper, and as best she could in the lurching, swaying cab, read the addresses over.

He got up, lurching to the motion of the flying train, and started forward to the water cooler behind the car door.

Lurching down the office steps, with flushed face and bloodshot eyes, came Captain Newhall.

Robert Matcham took a lurching step, but I caught him by the sleeve and forestalled any other answer by tendering my prize.

I argued briefly with her and Darryl settled it by lurching to his feet and dragging himself down toward Market Street.

The first bullet spun the goon on his heels and sent him lurching across sand and rock.

A second later there was a lurching from the table on to the floor and against the partition that separated the rooms.

Did you ever see two drunken men walking arm in arm, and lurching first to one side and then to the other?

Captain Augustin cast a wild eye at the straining, shrieking rigging; the sloop was lurching heavily.