Lure [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lure:

The G League was already moving toward offering prospects a professional path before Abdur-Rahim took over in December 2018, hoping a $125,000 salary would be enough of a lure.

I found that I still felt the lure of foreign countries, and the less explored or inhabited, the better.

At the upper part of the runway he had built a few steps, wherewith to lure the unwary far enough down to insure a fatal descent.

He even began to formulate plans by which he could lure the unsuspecting Peter Levine into telling what he knew.

It was the older lure that brought every year athletes of fame to run in the historic race.

They had now another hope to lure them; new proofs to read, and in due time, new reviews.

The fish will regard with contemplative indifference every other lure but a close imitation of that particular insect.

Hearing that she was with a neighboring tribe, he bargained with the chief to lure her on board his vessel and leave her there.

But I shall have fled, how I know not; haply mandragora will lure my weary mind to rest.

But that was because Joan did not know the world that lifted the lure of its flare beyond the rim of her horizon.