Lured [verb]

Definition of Lured:

attract, seduce

Synonyms of Lured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lured:

Sentence/Example of Lured:

She can see the immediate drawbacks, but you’re baiting her, dangling a bit of knowledge like a lure.

The pale mask might work as a visual lure in dim light or might play a role in wafting scents, a romantic feature in some other bats’ courtships.

Still, the lure of those platforms was too great and drove advertisers to keep funding them against their better judgment.

When his lure server was unpatched, the attackers were able to use a powershell script to successfully change an admin password and backdoor the server.

Never underestimate the lure of an escape, especially in trying times.

And I have been passing through one of the fiercest temptations that ever lured a man to the edge of the Pit.

The soldier of Revolution must not be lured from the field of battle by the siren song of love.

But home beckoned and lured her onward, and the hope of a long dream filled her soul.

She drew back from me a little as I came; but her eyes did not waver from mine, and these lured me forward.

Barrett eventually lured Maitland into deep water, long past the bathing machine of adieu forevermore, as he called it.