Luring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Luring:

Verizon is battling AT&T and T-Mobile, its 5G rivals, to win over consumers with the lure of much faster download speeds.

In the depths of his being, below an immense horizon, shone joy, luring him onward and brightening as it did so.

By luring a Gern cruiser here and then taking it away from them.

There was a booth-theatre fitted up, and luring the folk to its dingy green canvas enclosure.

Now it is not to be presumed, that so luring a game as cards would have been omitted in the enumeration, had they been in use.

Annesley made no objection to Knight's plan for luring the journalist into his "trap," which was a harmless one.

A luring whisper where the laurels stir Wiles my heart back to woodland-ward again.

Luring with promises never intended for performance, you took me from a home, the very sanctuary of peace!

And Father is a willing captive of his charms, even luring him from me on long, companionable walks.

Her last words ring in my ears; her last smile is my beacon, my only ray of hope, luring me on towards a happier future.