Lurk [verb]

Definition of Lurk:

hide; move stealthily

Synonyms of Lurk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lurk:

Sentence/Example of Lurk:

We got off our horses and stooped over the man, forgetting for the moment that danger might lurk in the surrounding thicket.

Holding the violin aloft, he cried exultingly: Henceforth thou art mine, though death and oblivion lurk ever near thee!

Scouts bring in that a squad of the emir of Emessa's cavalry lurk around the port.

Perhaps he would even have to lurk in the woods, awaiting his opportunity to smuggle his liquor to the men.

In the caves would lurk such coolness as was going; but the lack of water must have been a sore trial in summer.

"Oh, I'm not such a marvel," she said, and the slight smile came back to lurk around the corners of her mouth.

He had no conception of the enemies that might lurk in thicket or hollow.

Of the perils that might lurk in the further depths she had a wary apprehension.

Ravening beasts and poisonous reptiles lurk in those abodes of the riches and the poverty that are no longer known to our life.

She heard a pleasant voice in every breeze, and in every bird's note seemed to lurk a joy.