Lurkers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lurkers:

One of the sawing claws opened and closed, separating the head of the lurker from its body.

He had recognized the lurker as a former unreliable employe of the Great Northern, discharged at the time of the great strike.

He retired further into the shade, and silently and slowly drew near the lurker, who stirred not from his place.

Sneeze-lurker, a thief who throws snuff in a persons face, and then robs him.

But no matter how he strove to run down the lurker, he lost him every time.

Even Alice had now stopped thinking of Mr. Richard Ravenal, and thought only of the lurker in ambush.

But the night gave up no sound in confirmation of this, and I could detect no sign of any lurker.

At that moment she could not have spurred her pony had the lurker in the brush sprung forth into her path!

His conviction that he had killed the lurker became so firm that he stood erect to cover the remaining distance at a rush.

With the mist floating across those openings, it would be easy for a lurker to watch him unseen.