Lustful [adjective]

Definition of Lustful:


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Sentence/Example of Lustful:

Don't look upon yourself any longer as being that drinking, swearing, lustful man.

For we shan't be having any more of our parks destroyed and our kiddies mutilated for the pride of a lustful nation.

Finally the evil that was done for gain by the greedy was refined on and done for pleasure by the lustful.

Robin Good-fellow, seeing of this, turned himself into the shape of a hare, and so ran between the lustful gallant's legs.

On the proud and peerless woman cast his loving, lustful eye, Sought to hold the high-born princess as his slave upon his knee!

Men must learn to be able to look upon the female form without spasms of either lustful desires; or contemptuous indifference.

He was still under the spell of the riotous passion that her lustful response had aroused.

If it be to tempt the beholders' minds to lustful or undue affections.

Thus the fury of lustful thought becomes mutual and is mutually enjoyed.

The boaster gloated over his cowering victim, malice sparkling in his lustful eyes.