Lustiness [noun]

Definition of Lustiness:

ability, power

Opposite/Antonyms of Lustiness:

Sentence/Example of Lustiness:

In the lustiness of youth there are many who cannot feel that they, too, will die.

The climate is a kind of prolonged May, and a vernal lustiness and raciness are characteristic of all the prevailing forms.

Every popular song that occurred to the mind was turned on and yelled with wild lustiness.

Who were famous for their lustiness, and being, as we call it, in good liking.

That earlier lustiness was almost altogether lacking from the outbreak signalling the beginning of play.

And Captain Owen Kettle could not help being conscious of his own vast lustiness.

There was a blooming vitality in her face and her body, a lustiness born of open skies and desert.

And, until she died, that was all poor Doggie knew of the lustiness of life.

One hour before, they had felt all the lustiness of life and adventure.