Lusting [verb]

Definition of Lusting:

desire strongly

Synonyms of Lusting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lusting:

Sentence/Example of Lusting:

When you’re in love or lust or both, it’s very difficult to not do what you’re going to do.

The real man was an arrogant autocrat, lusting for power and wealth.

But all the gentlemen wished to take part in the expedition, and joined the Bedouins, lusting for battle.

Having learned that men are a naturally combative race, lusting for blood, the poet saw it was hopeless to bring them to terms.

They panted for a chance to mete out annihilation to the blood-lusting rascals and untamed savages who were harassing them.

In a moment the human lusting for the blood of its fellows is let loose, than which there is no more terrible madness on earth.

He was crazed by then with raging battle-fury, his hot blood lusting, every great muscle strained to the uttermost.

Has not the Scripture something upon "the lusting after a woman" being no less criminal than the crime?

At last the spirit is free, and the galling chains of the lusting and limited body are broken.

Such lusting therefore is evil and pernicious, which brings to death the servants of God.