Lustration [noun]

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It is neither immersion nor sprinkling nor any other mode of lustration which marks us out as God's.

As water is the most common element, so also is it the most common magical means of lustration.

In the primitive cult ceremonies of the Australians, lustration is effected almost exclusively by fire.

Here again, as in the Australian initiation ceremonies, lustration by fire signifies a magic act having reference to the future.

Less common, on the whole, is the third form of lustration, that by magical transference.

This would tend to strengthen the naturally suggested association between this ceremony and lustration by water.

Originally, sanctification and lustration not only employed the same means but also followed identical methods.

The relation of the burning of incense to lustration by fire is the same as that of sprinkling to lustration by water.

Birds are unceasingly attentive to neatness and lustration of their plumage.

But nevertheless I adhered to the morning lustration, sometimes going to the brook to do it.