Lustrous [adjective]

Definition of Lustrous:

glossy, shining

Synonyms of Lustrous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lustrous:





Sentence/Example of Lustrous:

Sickness had never blanched the warm glow on her cheeks, or dimmed the brightness of her large, lustrous eyes.

While using the lustrous coverings for his works with consummate skill, there is one qualification that must not be lost sight of.

Her lustrous hair, dark as midnight, crowned a well-shaped head, which she carried as proudly as a queen.

Violet eyes she had, not black as they seemed at first glance but a deep, lustrous violet.

Is the carcase of a bird really a more scientific thing than its lustrous, colored plumage and its song with its subtle tones?

Her robe was one lustrous sea of violet silk, rippling about her as she glided, not walked.

The dull black of his eyes became lustrous, and the long lashes fell over them to conceal the momentary weakness.

They were wonderfully lustrous, but not with the soft mild lustre which formerly shone in them.

Her trailing gown of pearl-white satin fell in unbroken lustrous folds behind her.

And her gentle, lustrous eyes were the index of the pure and loving soul within.